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Brother HL-7050 Driver Download

In today's fast-paced business environment, having a reliable and efficient printer is essential. The Brother HL-7050 is a laser printer that combines advanced technology with an impressive performance to meet the demanding printing needs of businesses. With its outstanding features and specifications, the HL-7050 ensures high-quality prints and seamless operation. Let's delve into the details of this remarkable printer. The Brother HL-7050 utilizes laser technology, specifically electrophotographic (laser) technology, to deliver exceptional print results. This technology ensures precise and sharp prints, making it suitable for various applications such as professional documents, reports, and marketing materials. With a print speed of 30 pages per minute (LTR), the HL-7050 enables fast and efficient printing, saving valuable time in busy office environments.

One standout feature of the HL-7050 is its impressively quick first print time, taking less than 11 seconds to produce the initial page. This feature is particularly useful when urgent documents need to be printed promptly, allowing users to stay productive and meet tight deadlines effortlessly. Additionally, the printer boasts a high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi), ensuring clear and detailed prints that enhance the overall quality of your documents. Underneath its sleek exterior, the Brother HL-7050 houses a powerful Toshiba TMPR4955 266MHz processor, which ensures swift data processing and seamless print job execution. The printer comes with 32 MB of standard memory, but it can be expanded up to an impressive 288 MB using the optional 2 DIMM (100-pin) slots. This substantial memory capacity allows for the efficient handling of complex print files and facilitates the printing of large documents with ease.

Brother HL-7050 Specifications

  • Type: HL-7050
  • Technology: Electrophotographic (Laser)
  • Print Speed: 30 ppm (LTR)
  • First Print Time: Less than 11 seconds
  • Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Processor: Toshiba TMPR4955 266MHz
  • Memory: Standard: 32 MB
  • Option: 2 DIMM (100pin) slot (16, 32, 64, 128MB); Expandable to 288MB
  • Interface: IEEE 1284 Parallel, USB, RS-232C serial 10/100BaseTX Ethernet (Auto-Negotiation, HL-7050N only)
  • Emulation: PCL6, BR-Script 3, IBM Pro-Printer XL, Epson FX-850, HP-GL
  • Display LCD: 2 lines,16 Digits, 3 colors
  • Paper Input: Multi-purpose tray of up to 100 sheets
  • Media Types: Plain Paper, Bond Paper, Recycled Paper, Envelopes, Labels, and Transparencies
  • Paper Cassette: Plain Paper, Bond Paper, Recycled Paper
  • Power Consumption Printing, Standby, Sleep: 690 WH, 110 WH, 16 WH
  • Noise Level Printing, Standby: 52dB, 40dB
  • Weights: 53.4 lbs. (24.2kg)
  • Dimention: 19.1 x 18.9 x 16.6 in. (485 x 480 x 421 mm)

In terms of connectivity, the HL-7050 offers versatile options to suit various networking needs. It features an IEEE 1284 parallel port and a USB interface for direct connections to computers. Additionally, the HL-7050N model includes an RS-232C serial port and a 10/100BaseTX Ethernet interface with auto-negotiation capabilities, enabling seamless integration into networked environments. This flexibility ensures that the printer can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, making it a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes.


The HL-7050 supports multiple emulations, including PCL6, BR-Script 3, IBM Pro-Printer XL, Epson FX-850, and HP-GL. This broad compatibility allows for effortless integration into diverse printing environments and ensures smooth and accurate printing across different platforms and applications. The printer's LCD display, featuring two lines and sixteen digits in three colors, provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and control.

Brother HL-7050 Support:

Brother HL-7050 For Windows 11 (32-bit) / 10 (64-bit) / 8.1 (32-bit) /8.1 (64-bit) /8.0(32-bit)/8.0 (64-bit)/7(32-bit)/7(64-bit)/ Vista(32-bit) /Vista (64-bit) /XP (32-bit)/XP (64-bit)server Macintosh OS X(Mavericks)v10.9/OS X(Mountain Lion)v10.8/OS XMacOSX(Snow Leopard)v10.6 /Mac OS X (Leopard) v10.5/MacOS X (Tiger) v10.4/MacOS Xv10.0Linux x32bit/x64-bit.

For Windows 10 ( 64-Bit )

For Management Tool

Download BRAdmin Professional.
Download BRAgent.
Download BRPrint Auditor (Auditor Client Software).

For Windows 10 ( 32-Bit )

For Management Tool

Download BRAdmin Professional.
Download BRAgent.
Download BRPrint Auditor (Auditor Client Software).

For OS X ( 10.10 )

For Drivers

Download the Printer Driver.

For Drivers

Download  BR-Script Driver.


In conclusion, the Brother HL-7050 is a high-quality laser printer that offers exceptional performance and versatility. With its laser technology, impressive print speed, high resolution, and powerful processor, it ensures excellent print results for various business applications. The HL-7050's broad range of connectivity options, extensive memory capacity, and compatibility with multiple emulations make it suitable for diverse printing environments. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface, flexible media handling, energy efficiency, and robust construction make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient printing solution.

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