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Canon Color imageCLASS MF745Cdw Wireless Driver

In the world of modern business and productivity, having a reliable multifunction printer can make all the difference. The Canon Color imageCLASS MF745Cdw stands out as a true powerhouse, equipped with an array of features that cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Let's delve into the key specifications and capabilities of this exceptional printer. The Canon is designed to be a versatile solution for various tasks. Its core functions include Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax, making it a comprehensive tool for office environments where efficiency and quality matter. At the heart of this printer lies the Canon Custom Processor, a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering fast and reliable performance. This processor ensures that tasks are handled swiftly, contributing to a seamless workflow even during high-demand scenarios.

Interacting with the Canon is a breeze, thanks to its 5" Color Touch Panel. This intuitive control panel simplifies navigation through the printer's various functions and settings, making it accessible to users of all levels of experience. With 1 GB of memory, the Canon Color imageCLASS MF745Cdw can effortlessly handle complex documents and large files. This ample memory capacity contributes to smoother processing and minimizes delays, even when dealing with resource-intensive tasks. Efficiency in handling paper is a crucial aspect of any office printer, and the Canon excels in this regard. It boasts a paper capacity of 300 sheets (Letter, 20 lb. Bond), ensuring that you can load a significant amount of paper at once, reducing the need for constant refills.

Canon Color imageCLASS MF745Cdw Specifications

  • CORE FUNCTIONS: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
  • PROCESSOR: Canon Custom Processor
  • CONTROL PANEL: 5" Color Touch Panel
  • MEMORY: 1 GB
  • PAPER CAPACITY (LETTER, 20 LB. BOND): 300 Sheets
  • PAPER SOURCES (LETTER, 20 LB. BOND): Standard: 250-sheet Paper Cassette, 50-sheet Stack Bypass
  • PRINTING METHOD: Laser Beam Printing
  • PRINT SPEED: Up to 28 ppm (Letter); Up to 22.9 ppm (Legal)
  • FIRST PRINT-OUT TIME: Approx. 7.5 Seconds
  • PRINT RESOLUTION (dpi): 600 x 600
  • DOUBLE-SIDED PRINTING: Automatic (Standard)
  • COPY SPEED: Up to 28 ppm (Letter); Up to 22.9 ppm (Legal)
  • FIRST COPY-OUT TIME (LETTER): Platen: 9.5 seconds/11.1 seconds (BW/Color), ADF: 9.9 seconds/11.8 seconds (BW/Color)
  • COPY RESOLUTION (dpi): 600 x 600
  • MULTIPLE COPIES: Up to 999 Copies
  • SCAN RESOLUTION (dpi): Push Scan: Up to 300 x 600, Pull Scan: Up to 600 x 600
  • FAX MEMORY: Up to 512 Pages
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: Maximum: Approx. 1470 W, Standby: Approx. 20.5 W, Sleep Mode: Approx. 0.6 W
  • DIMENSIONS (W x D x H): 18.8" x 18.8" x 18.4" (478 mm x 478 mm x 467 mm)
  • WEIGHT: Approx. 64 lb. (29.0 kg)
Stunning Print and Copy Quality

At the heart of the Canon's impressive output is its 600 x 600 dpi print and copy resolution. This resolution ensures that text is sharp, images are vivid, and every detail is captured accurately, resulting in professional-grade documents. In the era of mobile connectivity, the printer's Scan to Mobile Devices feature via Canon PRINT Business offers convenience and flexibility. You can seamlessly scan documents directly to your mobile device, allowing you to access important information on the go.

Efficient Fax Capabilities

For businesses that still rely on fax communication, Canon offers an efficient solution. With a fax memory of up to 512 pages, you can confidently send and receive faxes without worrying about missed messages. The printer is designed with energy efficiency in mind, consuming a maximum of approximately 1470 W during operation and as little as 0.6 W in sleep mode. Its compact dimensions (18.8" x 18.8" x 18.4") and weight of approximately 64 lb. ensure that it can fit seamlessly into various office setups without taking up excessive space.

For Windows 11

Download [Windows 32bit & 64bit] MF Scan Utility Ver.
Download [Windows 64bit] MF746Cdw/MF745Cdw MFDrivers (Generic Plus UFR II / Generic Plus PCL6 / Generic Plus PS3 / Generic FAX / ScanGear).
Download [Windows 32bit & 64bit] MF Scan Utility Ver.
Download [Windows 64bit] Generic FAX Driver V10.57.
Download [Windows 64bit] Generic Plus PCL6 Printer Driver V2.90.
Download [Windows 64bit] Generic Plus UFR II Printer Driver V2.90.
Download Toner Status Version 2.40.
Download Generic UFR II V4 Printer Driver v2.1.
Download Generic PCL6 V4 Printer Driver v2.1.
Download UFR II/UFRII LT V4 Printer Driver V7.1.2.
Download [Windows] MF740Series/MF640Series Send Function Setting Tool V.1.0.2.
Download PCL6 V4 Printer Driver V7.1.2.

For Mac

Download Fax Driver & Utilities for Mac V4.15.15 [macOS 10.13.6 - macOS 13.5].
Download UFR II/UFRII LT Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac V10.19.15 [macOS 10.13.6 - macOS 13.5].
Download Scanner Driver & Utilities for Mac V2.15.13 [macOS 10.13.6 - macOS 13.5].

For Linux

Download UFR II/UFRII LT Printer Driver for Linux V5.70.

For Manuals

Download the User Guide (pdf).


In a technology-driven world, the Canon stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in office printing. With its robust features, user-friendly interface, and impressive performance, it's a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance productivity while maintaining high-quality output.

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