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Canon Color imageCLASS MF641Cw Driver

In the fast-paced world of technology, choosing the right printer for your needs can be a daunting task. With numerous options available, it's crucial to make an informed decision. In this article, we'll delve into the Canon Color imageCLASS MF641Cw, a printer that stands out as the best choice in 2023. We'll explore its core functions, technical specifications, and why it's the ideal solution for your printing needs. When it comes to office equipment, multifunctionality is key. The Canon excels in this aspect with its core functions: Print, Copy, Scan, and Send (Lite). This all-in-one printer is designed to streamline your office tasks efficiently.

The heart of this remarkable printer is the Canon Custom Processor. It powers the device, ensuring smooth and rapid operations. Whether you're printing a high-volume document or scanning important files, this processor ensures your tasks are completed swiftly. Navigating a printer's functions should be effortless, and Canon understands this perfectly. Equipped with a 5" Color Touch Panel, it provides an intuitive interface that even a novice can master. Memory plays a crucial role in managing print jobs. With a generous 1 GB of memory, this printer can handle complex documents without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to frustrating delays and hello to efficiency.

Canon Color imageCLASS MF641Cw Specifications

  • CORE FUNCTIONS: Print, Copy, Scan, Send (Lite)
  • PROCESSOR: Canon Custom Processor
  • CONTROL PANEL: 5" Color Touch Panel
  • MEMORY: 1 GB
  • PAPER CAPACITY (LETTER, 20 LB. BOND): 250 Sheets
  • PAPER SOURCES (LETTER, 20 LB. BOND): Standard: 250-sheet Paper Cassette, 1-sheet Stack Bypass
  • PRINTING METHOD: Laser Beam Printing
  • PRINT SPEED: Up to 18 ppm (Letter/Legal)
  • PRINT RESOLUTION: 600 x 600 dpi
  • COPY SPEED: Up to 18 ppm (Letter/Legal)
  • FIRST COPY-OUT TIME (LETTER): Platen: 11.2 seconds/13.1 seconds (BW/Color)
  • COPY RESOLUTION: 600 x 600 (dpi)
  • MULTIPLE COPIES: Up to 999 Copies
  • SCAN RESOLUTION (dpi): 300 x 600, 600 x 600
  • AUTHENTICATION: Standard: Department ID Authentication
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: Maximum: Approx. 900 W, Standby: Approx. 10.5 W, Sleep Mode: Approx. 0.8 W
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: AC 120-127 V:6.5 A, 60 Hz
  • DIMENSIONS (W x D x H): Standard (Desktop): 16.9" x 16.5" x 14.3" (429 mm x 419 mm x 363 mm)
  • WEIGHT: 39.6 lb. (18 kg)
Handling Your Paper Needs

Paper capacity is often a concern in office settings. The Canon addresses this by offering a substantial paper capacity of 250 sheets (Letter, 20 LB. Bond). This means fewer interruptions to reload paper during large print jobs. Not only does it offer a large paper cassette, but it also includes a 1-sheet Stack Bypass. This versatility ensures that you can print on different paper types and sizes without any hassle. The printer's paper output capacity of 75 sheets (Letter, 20 LB. Bond) ensures your printed documents are neatly organized. No more messy stacks of paper to deal with.

Speed and Efficiency

Time is money in any business. This printer boasts a print speed of up to 18 ppm (Letter/Legal), ensuring that your documents are ready when you need them. Copying is just as efficient, with a copy speed of up to 18 ppm (Letter/Legal). The first copy-out time is impressive as well. For Platen copying, it takes just 11.2 seconds for black and white and 13.1 seconds for color. This means your copies are ready almost instantly. Not only does the Canon excel in speed, but it also ensures the quality of your copies. With a copy resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, your copies will look just as good as the original.

For Windows 11

Download [Windows 32bit & 64bit] MF Scan Utility Ver.
Download [Windows 64bit] MF641Cw MFDrivers (Generic Plus UFR II / ScanGear).
Download [Windows 32bit & 64bit] MF Scan Utility Ver.
Download [Windows 64bit] Generic Plus UFR II Printer Driver V2.90.
Download Toner Status Version 2.40.
Download Generic UFR II V4 Printer Driver v2.1.
Download UFR II/UFRII LT V4 Printer Driver V7.1.2.
Download [Windows] MF740Series/MF640Series Send Function Setting Tool V.1.0.2.

For Mac

Download UFR II/UFRII LT Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac V10.19.15 [macOS 10.13.6 - macOS 13.5].
Download Scanner Driver & Utilities for Mac V2.15.13 [macOS 10.13.6 - macOS 13.5].

For Linux

Download UFR II/UFRII LT Printer Driver for Linux V5.70.

For Manuals

Download imageCLASS User Guide (pdf).


In conclusion, the Canon is the epitome of a modern office printer. Its exceptional core functions, powerful processor, user-friendly interface, and impressive technical specifications make it the best choice for 2023. With this printer, you can expect efficiency, quality, and reliability in one compact package.

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